Thursday, April 24, 2003

Just a quick note...
This Friday on HBO Def Poetry Jam my buddy Shappy will be on! If you have HBO check it out.(check local listings for time) Also news on this years national poetry slam is up! It's in Chicago in early August. We are trying to get a group to go up and check it out! If you'd like to check the website out go to: Check y'all later!
P.S. Got e-mail from Cristin O'keefe A. (she's the slammaster in NYC at Urbana, one of the all time best slams and slam team) She said Congrats on the Wadi slam and good job! Let's keep up the good work kids! Night!

Monday, April 21, 2003

Ok Phuc wasn't really DQ'd but Rachel wrote that on the score board...Thanks to all who came went so well that the owner at Wadi cafe said we could have another one! There will probably be a slam in May, the date is unknown, due to the fact I'm trying to get it when some of the out of town people who want to compete will be home. Stay posted here for the date of the next slam. We only need five more slams averaging 30 people per slam and then we can be certified! Also during the summer, there will be more then one slam a month, due to no school and we all get bored with nothing to do....Peace, Lisa (Wadi slam mistress)
P.S. I will post my poetry from the slam soon, I just need to type it!