Sunday, April 06, 2003

GI Joe by Beau Sia

Ice cream
gotta let myself go
when I flow
mow my Beau!

Prove that (?)
I'm coming down with your sweat
Wrecks (?)
All this thing and the best
I gotta brick house
and I built her like it
you know
I just don't wanna tell you
you gotta clico(?)

Who's that toy soldier
trying to play me out like a toy soldier
You can't replicate me with your mirrors
I'm not a mirror-like type of person
I'm a shadow
you know like a vampire
like invisible

and sometimes I'm like
through the air yo
through the air yo
through the air
I'll fly through the air

Can you fly through the air?
Cuz your wings aren't like my arms
My arms are like wings
and other things
sometimes I hide daggers in them
cuz I'm like
you know when the guy has the secret pocket in his arm
I got one of those

I bust you with it
Come on in the street
and when you come to the street
corner where I live
I will straight up make you feel bad that you came to
my street corner

I'll make you
English muffins that you don't like to eat
cuz I know you secretly love bagels
I know the type of person you are
I got you figured out from the beginning

I'm winning
It rhymes
with tinning

I'm getting much thinner than I used to be

I was a chubby kid at the age of eleven how does that happen? well I went to modeling school and everyone made me feel insecure about my physical appearance so I decided to lose some weight and I

joined the swim team and that was great
but then
I started swimming

so I can fly through the WATER TOO

What are you gonna do?
Land, air, and sea
I feel like a GI Joe

You can't beat me
Right, raw
raw, wrong
you're wrong
I'm right

You're letter B on a scantron
I'm letter D
the correct answer

You messed up
You shouldn't have cheated off that Chinese kid
You should have cheated off me
that amazing kid with
Kid Amazing
Yeah that's my sidekick

You didn't know
You didn't know
You didn't know
But I didn't know either
because I'm just like Zen
I don't have to know either

I just like

and I feel it
and I feel it

This poem is not served justice unless you listen to its mp3. Listen here! Also, I'm not sure on the lyrics at some places. If you can help me transcribe this song correctly, leave a message on the post! Thanks.